Friday, June 29, 2012

Where's The Powder Room?

"Location.  Location.  Location."  When I'm not busy solving many of our world's problems, I dabble in real estate.  In fact, I consider myself somewhat of an expert in that department.  "Expert? -- you?"  Alright, wise guy...  To be perfectly honest, I get amused when I read about those mansions that go up for sale.   "Are you in the market?"  Right now, the only market I'm into sells me 2 lbs. of chorizo.  As far as purchasing a mansion, I'm not interested.  Never will be... "Too expensive for you?"  Please, don't insult me.  "Are you envious of those than can actually afford big homes?"  Now you're getting me mad.  If you must know, there's something about big homes that really bugs me.  "You are dripping with envy..."  I don't drip for anyone!  No one, you hear me?!  Look, if you really must know, I can't get past the idea that these multi-million dollar homes have so many bathrooms.  "Bathrooms?  What do you have against bathrooms?"  Nothing -- especially when I have to use one...  If you'll allow me, awhile back I went to an Open House at one one of those luxury homes.  "How luxurious was it?"  You'll never believe the first thing the real estate agent says to me: "Let me show you the bathrooms."  Really?  For those who know me: Do I look like a guy that spends all his time in the bathroom? (better yet, don't answer that, please) Anyway, that house had so many bathrooms, I ran out of fingers for counting.  "You should've taken off your shoes."  The whole time I'm thinking, "Who actually has time to use all these bathrooms?"   (I'd have to carry a map just to remember where each is located. ) And another thing, there's a lot of pressure in keeping up all those bathrooms.  "Bathroom no. 17 needs more candles!"  Imagine living in a home where double-digit toilet seats need to be put down -- and aren't.  "That's a lot to worry about."  Not to mention -- I'm about to -- all those wet towels that have to be picked up off the floor (my kids are allergic to doing so). Of course, my worst nightmare then comes to mind: "Where's my toothbrush?!  I don't remember where I left my beloved toothbrush!"  I'm sorry all you mansion lovers, but so many bathrooms are a waste of space -- and energy, if you ask me.  "I don't ask you nothin'..."  Uh, let's keep it that way...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flash Me!

Maybe I'm too sensitive,  I don't know.... "Please, let it out.  Let it all out..."  Oh, I don't want to make a big deal about it, really...  "No, you have to express your feelings, it's okay..."  Well, if you insist... Everybody take a seat.... "I'd rather stand."  Recently, I got my feelings hurt pretty badly.  "You poor thing, what happened?"  I'm heartbroken, actually.  "Don't say it, she -- " He.  It was a 'he.'  "Huh?"  I must say, I never thought it would happen to me.  "Hey, it happens to the best of us..." You see, a few days ago -- it was morning, actually -- I was driving on the freeway and I let a big truck squeeze in front of me.  Then, I waited.  And I waited some more, for some sort of acknowledgment.  Anything.  Any sign of "Thank You!"  Well, I got nothing... That's right, the truck driver did NOT bother to flash his tail lights -- nothing!  "Why, the nerve of that guy!"  That's what I said!  To be taken for granted like that, it hurt.  It really hurt.  In case anyone's wondering, my eyes welled with tears.  "You cried about that?"  Wouldn't you?  "Uh... no..."  What's so difficult about flashing your light to someone in an appreciative way, right?  Right?!  "You may need some help..."  So, what did I do after that?  Why, I did what anybody else with half a brain would do: I followed that truck.  "You what?"  Yeah, I kept pace with that guy for a good long while... I even cut him off.  "You really do need help."  All with the hope that he'd finally flash his lights.  "And...?"  Negative.  So, I slowed down, got behind the big, bad truck again and memorized the license place.  I was determined to have the DMV hear about this absolute lack of manners (All I got was an answering machine, so I left a message.) Anyway, it seems I lost track of time in my quest for the trucker's attention.  "How long were you driving?"  Funny you should ask.  First, the sun started to set -- more than once.  Then, the next I knew, I saw a big sign.  It read:  "Welcome to Canada."  Of all places... "You drove all the way to -- "  Anybody know how to say "I don't have a passport " in Canadian?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daddy, Don't Do Dat!

"You don't want us to do what?"  You heard me.  "Why not?"  My decision is final!  "You can't be serious..."  Yes -- I refuse to be considered for any Father of the Year awards... "But... but..."  No matter what the masses think, my mind is set.  Especially with Father's Day right around the corner.  Nothing will change my mind... "You'll change your mind..."   No!  Do I make myself clear?  "Yes, sir... Are you sure don't want -- ?"  I'm not worthy of any Daddy awards, okay?  Don't make me explain...  "Please, explain yourself."  I'm not going to --  I'm a bad dad, okay?  That's all I'm going to say...  I'm a rotten dad.  "Rotten egg bad?"  Call it what you will.  You see, some weeks ago, I let my younger son near a very bad influence.  Really bad.  What was I thinking?  I'm supposed to be there for him, to protect him, to steer him away from wrong... "You don't mean -- " Yes, the Evil Empire...  "How could you?! -- the New York Yankees?!"  Yes...  "No!  How could you do that to your own son?!"  It's terrible, I know... I haven't been the same since.  As a life-long Dodgers fan, I don't know how I ever allowed my child -- my own flesh and blood --  to wear a Yankees jersey.  "Damn Yankees..."  That's what I say.  Now, I wake up every night, tossing and turning, hoping it was all a bad dream, but no, it really happened.  "You let him wear a Yankees jersey?"  It was only for a school project,  but my conscience, it won't let me rest.  You see, the kid wanted to do a report on Babe Ruth, but he had to dress up like the Bambino and... he got me  at a weak moment, okay?  Now,  I'm haunted by Ghosts of Dodgers Past -- Pee Wee and Jackie -- Van Lingle Mungo!  They follow me everywhere, they poke and they prod -- they won't leave me alone!  "Good. You deserve that and more!"  I totally agree.  That's why I renounce my candidacy for any Father of the Year accolades.  "Accolades?  -- that's a joke."  Look, I feel terrible for what I did.  I can only hope my son recovers, that those nasty pinstripes didn't dig deep into his veins... "To the dungeon with you!"  Yes, I know.  I deserve whatever punishment comes my way, no matter what it is... Even if it's water boarding... But before we go there, I do have a question: the water's not too chilly, is it?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Can I Bring Lunch To Brunch?

Awhile back there was a lot of criticism directed at a certain celebrity.  People wouldn't stop talking about him... "Did he break the law or something?"  Uh, no... "How bad's the mug shot?"  Uh, if you'd let me explai --  "What naughty images did he post on a social network?" -- Please, let me finish!  Jeez...  The criticism dumped on this guy was so uncalled for, if you ask me.  "Can I ask you something?"  Not now.   You see, our celebrity friend was spotted with a lunch bag.   In a restaurant.   So what?!  "You're pulling my leg."  I'm not pulling anything.  Look, I don't see anything wrong with walking into a restaurant with a lunch bag.  Do you?  "I do."  Sorry I asked... My suggestion is that we learn the facts instead of ridiculing this celebrity who shall remain nameless.  "What's his name?"  Look it up yourself.  "Come on, just one little hint..." NO!  It's so obvious that sack lunches have significant meaning for this man.  We should be respectful.  I mean, I'm guessing that he clings to those childhood days when his wonderful mama packed him a delicious lunch, a spicy homemade burrito, with a loving handwritten message tucked inside his Scooby Doo lunch pail --- uh, lunch bag... (excuse me while I dab away some tears... it's my contacts)  Getting back to the celebrity with the sack, uh, lunch: I say, leave the guy alone, okay?  Let him eat his homemade lunch.  At restaurants, the dentist -- or anywhere else he darn well pleases... The guy probably just doesn't want to eat by himself... All you waiters, give him a break, okay?  Be nice, and he'll surely leave a good tip...  "Sir, will you be ordering anything today?"  I actually think it's a nice gesture on the celeb's part.  "How so?"  Can't you see?   "I can't."  He's actually lessening the load for restaurant staff...  From what I understand, this famous patron doesn't put any demands on the waiters, for the most part... "Yes, I'm going to need a doggy bag... for my lunch bag."  Oh...